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Day: July 19, 2020

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Fake Slackers: Vol. 1 by Mu Gua Huang

(Translated by Jury)

After class placements were decided, the school’s two infamous ‘problem youth’ not only shared the same class but the same desk. They’re clearly good at studies but pretend to be slackers. Faking their own lack of knowledge, from head to toe, they just keep meandering further down the path towards academic oblivion. Have you heard the grapevine about the two older students who always fight over the last place in class? This story is a serious comedy about the little matters of growing up and learning about yourself.

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A Look Back: Red Wine in The Dark Night (2015) [Review]

BL feature films are literal chimera’s of the BL genre to fans. On the one hand, you have the Boys Love format we all know and love. But then there is the need to reach a much larger audience. For that, you have to create a larger scope of perspective, have more characters than normal, and a gripping story. Lastly, what makes a BL film either a success or a failure is the content. No longer bound by the inherent censorship of a television network, a BL film can get away with much more than a show can. This freedom from censorship allows more room to either grab the audience’s attention like in “The Blue Hour” or lose the audiences like in “Bittersweet Chocolate.” For Writer and Director Tanwarin Sukkhapisit’s feature film “Red Wine in The Dark Night,” the challenge of creating an arresting and interesting film was presented, accepted, and accomplished.

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Wreck Me Forever (Polished P & P, #1) by Lila Rose [Book Review]

Lila Rose is mostly popular for her Straight Romances, which involve alpha heroes bursting with testosterone. They are either MC sojourns or firefighters. Although she has written gay romances like Hear Me Out (Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter #5), Coming Out (Hawks Motorcycle Club #4.5), I have only read her ménage romance Out of the Blue. It was quite interesting, to say the least. So when I found her new book Wreck Me Forever (Polished P & P, #1), listed on Goodreads, I knew that I had to read it. The gorgeous Cover Design was another reason for following up on this novel.

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Hello Stranger Episode 4 [Review]

After the madness that descended with the cliff-hanger ending of Episode 3, the fans waited with bated breath to figure out the “Truth” behind Xavier’s sudden online confession. The wait was worthwhile although I must admit the reveal was a bit cliché. But what made up for that awkward moment was the burning chemistry between Xavier (Tony Labrusca) and Mico (JC Alcantara). However, while Xavier and Mico are getting closer, the Young Padawans are in turmoil. As the XavMi ship sails, the marketing sleuths at Black Sheep are certainly milking the situation to their benefit. Let’s review Episode 4 and get closer to the surface of the latest happenings.

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