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Month: July 2020

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Stage Of Love The Series – Giai đoạn của tình yêu: bộ – Episode 7 [Review]

“The Friendly Guy Next Door is NOT SO Friendly”

These were my exact thoughts while watching the current episode. Shocking revelations tumbled out of the basket, and we finally learn the truth behind Duc’s injury. His disposition as a sweet innocent guy is far from his evil thoughts. Duc seems to stick to the adage “Everything is fair in love and war.” The only setback is that he targeted the wrong person last time. Duc has finally figured out who the true object of affection is, and I’m actually afraid of thinking of the consequences.

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GagaOOlala: Unlocked – Episode 1 [Review]

Andrew and Brix

The pandemic has changed lives around the world. With many countries implementing severe lockdown restrictions, our opportunity to explore the outside world seems to have vanished into thin air, leaving us with no other option but to stay at home most of the time. However, when a door closes, another one opens. Living in our own cocoon for months has taken us on a spiritual journey to the deepest part of our heart, where the most important question of our being is waiting to be answered.

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Special Feature: Upcoming Pinoy BL Drama – Part 2

Pinoy BL dramas are fast broadening the BL genre into variations on a theme. While Thai Dramas seem to be stuck to the age-old concept of school romance between Engineering or Medical Faculty students, the Filipinos are more inclined to produce BL content with twists and turns. Adding the required gourmet flair to the search of a perfect BL drama is Unframed Film Production’s upcoming drama series “Better Days.” Teasing your taste buds with perfect gastronomic experience coupled with a romance between two of the most handsome vloggers, Better Days promises a “Change from the Norm.”

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Breaking News (Prime Time #2) by Ella Frank [Book Review]

The nail-biting cliffhanger at the end of Inside News left me in jitters, and I waited with bated breath to get my hands on the next book. Breaking News, the second book in the Prime Time Trilogy was worth the wait and anticipation. It picks off right from the first book and takes us on a journey of rediscovery. While Sean is recovering from his injury, Xander battled anxiety and his misplaced guilt. Both are at crossroads, but the best part of Ella Frank’s novels is that the characters never give up on each other or their relationship. They fight the problems together and emerge much stronger.

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Hello Stranger Episode 6 [Review]

After setting a rapid benchmark, Hello Stranger descended into utter chaos with major misunderstandings creating havoc in Xavier and Mico’s blossoming relationship. For someone who is supposed to be nerdy, Mico is totally oblivious or insecure about his importance in Xavier’s life. Xavier, on the other hand, is at odds with Mico’s behavioral change. This episode broke my XavMi heart, and it’s sure going to be bleeding a lot. Let’s review and figure out how things went south suddenly!

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The Shipper – จิ้นนายกลายเป็นฉัน Episode 8 [Review]

Pan’s back in her body. P’Kim’s body is in a coma. Why? How? What? With P’Way set to act on his feelings for P’Kim, finally, what will this mean? Khet should already know everything by now, but does he? Phingphing isn’t one to take a break up well; what will she do? Find out. Right now! 

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Upcoming Thai BL Dramas (2020-21)

Times change, and following into the footsteps of Thai and Japanese BL, we have innumerable BL dramas being produced in other Asian countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Myanmar, and even Cambodia. Boys Love is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. But the fact remains that the top echelon is still owned by the ingenious Thai BL industry, which is always a step ahead when it comes to portraying their characters with a touch of reality. The recent success of “TharnType the Series” and “2gether the Series” paved the way for more futuristic projects. Filipino BL dramas “Gameboys the Series” and “Hello Stranger” have placed the Boys Love business on the world stage. But still, I reckon that they lack the intimacy factor that Thai BL portrays fearlessly. Whether popular Filipino BL drama series can take up the mantle and strike the deal is yet to be seen?

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Uncontrolled Love (2016) – Part 1 [Review]

“Uncontrolled Love” or “Irresistible Love: Secret of the Valet” are two titles that mean different things for the same movie. Depending on who you ask, either title is right, or either is very wrong. The stylish Chinese movie centers around two men who share a life together, albeit in an unexpected manner. One is born to wealth, one to poverty. One owns the other through money. One owns the other through a silent love that reminds me of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”

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Special Feature: Upcoming Pinoy BL Drama – Part 1

The success of Thai Dramas “TharnType the Series” and “2gether The Series” pushed the Filipino Television Industry into a new kind of revolution. Pinoy BL is currently the new trend, and many production houses are trying to reap the profits of the “Boys Love” phenomenon. While “Gameboys The Series” started in an experimental phase, the popularity of the online dating saga paved the way for Black Sheep’s “Hello Stranger.” Both series have an abundance of star-studded casts, good scripts, and good direction. In the current scenario, Psychomilk brings you some more updates from the upcoming Pinoy Dramas that promise to set your screens on fire!

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Chasing Sunsets The Series – Episode 4 | A GL Series [Review]

Even the strongest person gets tired. And finally, the time has come for Farrah to put her feelings on pause, to breathe, and let go. Since the very first episode, Farrah has become everyone’s anchor as she is the one who stands strong during the tough times and prevents them from drowning. But she can’t bottle up her emotions any longer, and she breaks down. The fourth episode of Chasing Sunsets the Series, brings us closer to Farrah’s struggle as an independent woman in a world dominated by prejudice and discrimination. Sometimes in life, it is our own expectations that hurt us and lead us to misery.

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Games, Love & The Pandemic | The Gameboys Global Phenomenon

When I received a tip to reach out to IdeaFirst Company barely 12 hours before the premiere of the series Gameboys on YouTube, I never really expected anything much from a series that was marketed as a virtual meeting of two young gamers set amongst the current chaos of the Pandemic that has swept across all parts of the globe and transformed the very landscape of our normal.

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Stage Of Love The Series – Giai đoạn của tình yêu: bộ – Episode 6 [Review]

Bao becomes a victim of homophobia as Nguyen’s confession video goes viral. Nguyen decides to be the sacrificial lamb and cut off ties with Bao. This episode was a downward slope, and Khanh’s mature demeanor was the only saving grace. I wonder why people love to redirect their misperceptions and vendetta on innocents who do not deserve that kind of hatred. Let’s review Episode 6 and see how it fared.

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Hello Stranger Episode 5 [Review]

I might have jumped up and squealed like a little girl after watching the end of this episode. Episode 5 premiered to high anticipation, and the show’s producers didn’t disappoint. We have seen Xavier’s flirtatious side, but I never expected him to be such a big softie. Apparently, I was wrong, because Xavier took my breath away with a heartfelt confession. Without further ado, let’s review because I was so goddamn excited!

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Sakristan (Altar Boy) – Episode 4 [Review]

After the lovingly crafted Episode 3 of Sakristan, beautiful camera work, amazing lighting, and well-acted, even if the script was a bit hard to understand, I am optimistic about this episode. Gone is the soft-focus camera work, actors staring off when talking to each other. In their place is a well thought out episode which gave me all the hope for this one. After the anticlimactic moment of Christian leaving the church with no fanfare or drama whatsoever, I’m hoping for something that continues Episode 3’s mood. 

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Winter Begonia – 鬓边不是海棠红 (Episodes 41 – 49) Finale [Review]

I felt a sense of foreboding before writing this article. Something kept me on edge, and at times, I couldn’t find the right words. I wasn’t entirely convinced that what I wrote could do justice to this masterpiece. Some stories leave you with a lifetime of memories, and for me, Winter Begonia will always be one of them. The Japanese invasion of Beiping bought an onslaught of problems for our main leads Cheng Feng Tai and Shang Xi Rui. But they can’t be soulmates if they don’t stand beside each other and fight every battle together. Let’s review the finale episodes and follow their bittersweet journey.

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