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Day: June 30, 2020

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EN of Love – This is Love Story: Episode 3 – Finale [Review]

This Is Love Story final episode came as a surprise to the fans who have anticipated the continuation of Neur and Praram’s story for another two episodes. The shocking announcement which was dropped during the premiere of episode 3 trailer left the fans with one big question: How will they wrap up the story in just one episode left? Well, let’s dig into the review…

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The Shipper – จิ้นนายกลายเป็นฉัน Episode 4 [Review]

Episode 4 of “The Shipper” doesn’t have big shoes to fill as Episode 3 was a mess of perceptions of sexual and gender roles and lifestyles. While Episode 3 pushed shock value. Episode 4 takes the gauntlet of a more serious show and carries it well. Here is my review of episode 4.

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