Where Your Eyes Linger Finale left the BL lovers all over the world with a bittersweet feeling. The chances of another Korean BL was a given. W-Story, the official production house of Where Your Eyes Linger, didn’t disappoint the fans. Reaping the benefits of producing the first-ever Korean BL mini-series, which garnered huge popularity in international arenas because of the affable chemistry between main leads Jamg Eui Soo and Han Gi Chan, W-Story announced their follow up project “Mr.Heart.” Starring Lee Je Sin and MAN BLK’s Cheon Seung Ho, the drama is set in the same universe as Where Your Eyes Linger.

Storyline & Characters

Sang Ha

Lee Se Jin will be taking on the role of sprinter Sang Ha, who maintains a smile despite his difficult environment. Lee Se Jin has already worked as a lead in popular Korean dramas like Yellow, Luv Pub, Phantom, The Secret Agent. He was very much appreciated for his nervous role of Park Dong-woo, the bassist of Yellow Band in the Korean web drama “Yellow.” 
Lee Se Jin was a Korean pop trainee for five months under iME KOREA before his appearance as a contestant on a boy group survival reality show Produce X 101. iMe KOREA officially announced, “Actor Lee Se Jin will be starring in ‘Mister Heart,’ the follow-up project from the production team of Korea’s first BL web dramas Where Your Eyes Linger.”

Jin Won

Cheon Seung Ho stars as Jin Won, the rising marathon star who is apathetic about everything besides marathons. Cheon Seung Ho is the vocalist and rapper of the K-pop boy group, The Man BLK. This role is the first time he’s playing a main lead. He also played a Support Role in “Where Your Eyes Linger” as one of Pil Hyun friends.

Cheng Seung Ho was in only two or three scenes, and watching him made me wonder, as to why a handsome guy like him isn’t playing a main character. It looks like the show’s producers already had him in mind for the second series. Another interesting tidbit is that, “Where Your Eyes Linger” popular OST You was sung by “The Man BLK”.

Keep watching this space for further updates.

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