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Day: June 17, 2020

Thai Reviews 1

Ingredients ส่วนผสมที่ลงตัว | (Episodes 5 – 6) [Review]

Our adorable couple is back with oodles of romance coupled with a gourmet flair that leaves you wanting for more episodes. Jeff Satur and Gameplay Garnphapon have perfected the art of “Staring into your soul through your Eyes.” They don’t need to kiss or have a full make-out session to make the audiences feel Tops and Marwin’s connection. Because that would be totally out of character for our sweet couple, whose relationship is slowly and steadily moving beyond the “Roommates” status, let’s review what’s happening in their lives and get a taste of their happiness!

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Vietnamese Reviews 0

Tiến Bromance | Episodes 3 – 4 [Review]

The speed at which the popular Vietnamese BL “Tiến Bromance” is serving us horror with romance leaves me spellbound. The first two episodes gave us a better understanding of our main leads as well as Tai’s one-sided feelings. It rapidly progresses into new territory as Tiến and Tai encounter new problems ensuing from Tiến’s desire to make some quick money. Episode 3 and 4 really shocked me beyond my imagination and left an unyielding impression. Let’s review the latest problems troubling our hapless couple.

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