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Day: June 15, 2020

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Stage Of Love The Series – Giai đoạn của tình yêu: bộ – Episode 1 [Review]

SOL – “Stage of Love’ The Series,” tells the story of two university students on the journey to discovering their passion and understanding themselves. It’s a coming-of-age college romance that depicts the changing dynamics of our main leads Nguyen and Bao, as they rediscover themselves and find love in the unlikeliest places.

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Pinoy Hunk Tony Labrusca in a Black Sheep BL Series?

It’s strange yet entirely unsurprising how there has been a lot of noise about Boys Love series and films in the Philippines in the past months. In fact, for a country that is well known to have the biggest percentage of practicing Catholics in Asia, it took a major unfortunate incident for people in the entertainment industry to realize that there is a Philippine audience for Boys Love – entertainment that has made Thailand well-known in the international scene, especially on streaming platforms.

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Ingredients ส่วนผสมที่ลงตัว | (Episodes 3 – 4) [Review]

Jeff Satur and Gameplay Garnphapon’s adorable romance in Ingredients is stealing everyone’s heart. While their sensual chemistry in HeSheIt was much appreciated, this gourmet love saga is miles apart, yet enviable. Top & Marwin’s loving gazes and shy expressions make your heart flutter, and you wish they would get together.

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