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Day: June 8, 2020

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Winter Begonia – 鬓边不是海棠红 (Ep.21 – 30) [Review]

Winter Begonia’s latest episodes introduced a slew of new characters, managing to set off a chain reaction that triggers new developments. The current episodes focused mainly on Shang Xi Rui’s rise as a proficient Peking Opera Performer and dwelt on certain painful elements of Cheng Feng Tai’s past. Our main leads are getting closer as they wade through significant challenges and emerge as each other’s best source of support. Let’s continue on our journey of this magnum opus.

Winter Begonia can be streamed on YouTube and VIKI

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Faraway Wanderers 天涯客 | (2021)

The recent success of Chinese Mainland Bromance dramas like The Untamed , The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty, and Winter Begonia have certainly paved the way to the production and release of more Chinese dramas based on popular gay novels. The Chinese paparazzi are already in an uproar with the ongoing shooting of the hugely anticipated sitcom “Immortality/Haoyixing.”

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EN of Love – This is Love Story: Episode 1 [Review]

After being postponed due to production delay caused by COVID-19 pandemic, This Is Love Story is finally on-air. 

The final installment of En of Love The Series from Studio Wabi Sabi has been long awaited by its fans who have spent the past month busying themselves with life, to ease their longingness of the series. As a self-proclaimed die-hard fan of This Is Love Story, I’m intrigued to discover the journey of Neur and Praram, as well as seeing the on-screen interaction between the main actors, Prom and Benz. 

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