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Day: June 3, 2020

Filipino Reviews 2

Gameboys The Series – Episode 2 [Review]

Episode 2 comes after a revealing premier episode that saw BL watchers getting acquainted with this uniquely produced BL series. BL fans who complain about the ‘random’ announcement of episode changes should bear in mind that the restrictions in Manila have kept the production crew walking a fine line. Kudos to IdeaFirst Productions for finding the best way to shoot, edit, upload, and promote the series.

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Indian Reviews 4

Sisak – India’s First LGBTQ Love Story

I had forgotten how important silence can be or how impactful, certain gestures can be. Just in time for PRIDE month, Sisak delivered me right into the middle of “A New World.” A world that is silently being rebuilt on hope and belief! Hoping that someday homosexuality would ‘not be taboo’ anymore, and the belief that “Everyone will have the freedom to love freely.”

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