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Day: May 26, 2020

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The Shipper – จิ้นนายกลายเป็นฉัน  Episode 1 [Review]

The Shipper takes over the highly coveted BL slot of GMM-tv from the hugely popular 2Gether The Series. While its predecessor commanded millions of views, The Shipper only took in about a quarter of that. Not that it’s an inferior show since viewers still have to get a hang of it.

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Thai Reviews 1

My Engineer เมีย’s วิศวะ – Episodes 12 – 13 [Review]

Emotional security takes a nosedive as we approach the finale week. Our four main couples are going through major changes in their relationship, some good, some bad. Some draw a blank, and some are left in a state of confusion while others are ending their relationship over apparent miscommunication. Let’s review Episodes 12 and 13.

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