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Day: May 20, 2020

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YYY มันส์เว่อร์นะ – BL Sitcom Episode 4 [Review]

Episode 4 of YYY BL Sitcom levels up the comedy as well as the relationship between Nott and Pun (Yoon Phusanu and Talay Sanguandikul) , our main characters. As explained in Episode 1-3 review, they are the major players that headline the sitcom. Porpla (Poppy Ratchapong), the landlord, remains his comedic self as he manage the apartment rather unsuccessfully. This review is a joint effort with Jen’s BL Views and Reviews!

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My Engineer เมีย’s วิศวะ – Episodes 7-9 [Review]

The characters and their stories have a smooth transition from Episode 7 onwards. When I say it’s smooth, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have problems anymore. Nope, it’s quite the opposite. I just want to point out the fact that four different couples have been settled, and each story progresses on its own. The true beauty of this drama series is that each couple has an individual storyline that doesn’t overlap.

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Present Still Perfect – Brings Boys Love Stories into New Territory

The sequel to the Thai BL phenomenon Present Perfect is now available to stream on GagaOOLala.

Four years after the events in the original film, Present Still Perfect (2020), dir. Anusorn Soisa-Ngim, reunites lovers Oat and Toey once again, this time, on a tropical Thai island. Oat is now a married man with a son, while Toey has never forgotten their brief love story in Hokkaido back in 2016. The film marks the first GagaOOLala original production set in Thailand.

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