We are excited to announce the launch of our YouTube channel. We will soon be featuring interviews and exclusive content to cater to our growing audience. The intro clip above is the concept of BL Haven, vlogger and reviewer and a member of our team who have written quite a number of fan fictions himself and is a known author. Watch out for some exciting news about him on this space!

The introduction goes like this…

PsychoMilk started back in 2012 when very few sites cater to Boys Love or simply Yaoi (from its original Japanese term). It features reviews of Hormones, Love Sick and Love of Siam, the major Thai projects promoting Thai BL to the international BL community that is on its infancy stage. Through the years, the site focus on Thai BL series was well received until the one-man team became a collective effort of people located from all over – an editor from the USA, a writer/researcher from India, a vlogger/author from the Philippines, a YouTube reactor and musician from Spain, a reviewer/researcher from Mexico. It has become a collective effort from like-minded individuals who love and are passionate about BL. This YouTube channel is dedicated to more BL fans as Psychomilk grows.

Please join the fun and be a subscriber! Here’s the link to our YouTube channel.



I blog about Thai, Japanese and Asian movies, drama, and anime since 2012. I've been a movie reviewer since 2007.


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