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Day: May 18, 2020

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Theory Of Love – ทฤษฎีจีบเธอ – Part 1/2 [Review]

Love. Such a strong emotion and this is the main drive and attraction that keeps viewers glued to each and every episode of Theory of Love. The series stars Off Jumpol and Gun Atthaphan playing the now iconic parts of Khai and Third; both are film majors in the university and are conflicted because of the emotion that acts as an invisible member of their cast.

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Psychomilk launches YouTube channel!

We are excited to announce the launch of our YouTube channel. We will soon be featuring interviews and exclusive content to cater to our growing audience. The intro clip above is the concept of BL Haven, vlogger and reviewer and a member of our team who have written quite a number of fan fictions himself and is a known author. Watch out for some exciting news about him on this space!

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Manner of Death – พฤติการณ์ที่ตาย (2021)

An upcoming BL series is gaining plenty of interest and fans have been very curious. While highschool BL romance have been at the forefront of Thai BL shows, certain authors have dived into the pool to challenge the status quo and offer a different – albeit – more mature, cerebral, and thrilling storylines – making BL more substantive and relevant. Written by Sammon, the new series is entitled Manner of Death. It’s about a forensic medical practitioner and his brush with danger amidst romance and career challenges.

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