Much credit to the ingenious mind of one Khun Salil when the author transformed a rather obscure, very scientific term Absolute Zero – with no romantic or relational definition – into something associated with the heart and its various terms of endearment and failings. Recent reports suggest that Studio Wabi-Sabi (Love by Chance, UWMA Series) has acquired the rights to turn the novel into a live-action adaptation.

The novel tells a love story between ‘Soon’ (Zero) & ‘Ongsaa’ (Degree), who met each other during their late high school years (circa 2007) and spend much time watching movies together. It was a time when an unknown film called ‘Love of Siam’ had taken the Thai moviegoing audience by storm with a romantic kiss between two boys. As our young protagonists began their journey towards self-discovery, intimacy, and uncertainty, Ongsaa dies in a tragic car accident. They had been lovers, yet the accident defined their future, as Soon took it upon himself the blame for his partner’s death.

As a favorite theme by Studio Wabi Sabi’s creative master, P’New – the dimension of time as well as time-travel and reincarnation serve as the inspiration for this story’s drive to entertain and intrigue the BL audience. As such, the main character (Soon) makes a wish for something to happen in the past that prevents he and Ongsaa ever meeting. A plot point of going from lovers back to strangers sounds intriguing to me, yet to pull it off, the production team should cast a talented, and totally-convincing BL couple who can make the characters come alive. 

Speculation is rife. Names mentioned to play the couple are Perth Tanapon, Mark Siwat, Nine Nopparat, Earth Katsamonat, and Saint Suppapong, to name a few.

News and additional information will be added as they become available.



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