11 September 2020 Updates: Has been reworked to effectively reimage the relationship between Tin and Can. The new title is “Chance to Love”, and will have 13 episodes. Episode 1 Aired: Sep 2, 2020. See our review of Episodes 1 and 2 HERE.

Season 2 of Love By Chance will focus on Tin-Can (the second main couple) due to the lack of an effective conclusion in the initial season. Fans are demanding closure and the production team has obliged. Reports now indicate that Studio Wabi Sabi has entered into an agreement with a streaming service in South Korea to air Love by Chance Season 1. Nexus International deals with an exclusive BL brand named Blue Romance who will serve as an “official link between the studio and the Korean & international fan bases”. While the drama is readily available on YouTube, this broadcast will be for Korean archipelago-specific and will, therefore, subbed accordingly.

4 May 2020 updates: The acting workshops will start next week onward (3 times per week). Filming starts at the end of May and the expected date to broadcast is August to November 2020 (Total 12 episodes)

30 January 2020 Updates: Fans of this series are on the uproar following the announcements that Perth Tanapon (Ae) and Mean Phiravich (Tin) will no longer accept BL roles. As a BL blogger and reviewer, I find this news to be annoying and unnecessary. It can be deduced to be publicity to generate buzz for the upcoming drama series. However, the negative feedback outweighs the goodwill, with fans calling on both actors – accusing them of insulting the LGBTQ community of discrimination and bias against gay or BL roles.

Based on our limited (yet confirmed and verified information), it appears that the talent managers and agents of both actors are on the agenda. They may even deny their participation, but Mean’s casting preference was coursed through his agent. A follow-up interview shows the actor saying the following:

In the future, when I’m getting old and don’t have money, I might accept to play again.

This sort of comment appears to be both self-serving and arrogant. It was due to his BL role in Love by Chance that he was recognized by drama enthusiasts. While Thai BL actors are not as popular as drama actors in Thailand, they were successful in generating enough following to launch product endorsements and fan events where they are paid.

In the interest of fair play, here is a tweet from a Mean fan:

As you may notice, it was retweeted by Mean’s agent. I would have expected some sort of explanation. If Mr. Phiravich said something else, then his agent could have clarified. If Mr. Phiravich’s quote that he will only do BL if he gets older and has no money, the decent thing to do is deny or confirm. Otherwise, it means both agent and actor don’t care if fans “misinterpret” his apparent dislike of BL.

Update: 8 Dec. 2020 – Below is the latest teaser clip:

Notwithstanding the raging issues on casting and behind the scene politics, the current cast including Gun Napat and Mark Siwat and the main series thrust for Plan and Mean, the above clip has a promising and exciting atmosphere.

Mark + Gun antics somehow offer some light moments in anticipation of the intense Tin-Can character dynamics.

Late December update, Saint Suppapong was interviewed by Dara Daily to shed some light on the issue of why he is no longer part of Love By Chance Season 2. Here is an excerpt of that interview:

“I think if they want me to take part in the series, they would’ve contacted me before finishing the teaser.” – This statement is uttered as a matter of fact. No additives or spices or even a hint of sarcasm. That’s how a professional handles a question.

“My schedule is tight and quite long. I have WhyRU the Series and Let’s Fight Ghost. I don’t think it’s appropriate to make them wait for me.” – This interview is recorded, posted on FB, tweeted, and screenshot for various blogs and clips. There is no way for Saint to deny or do an about-face or delete a tweet or an FB post. He has no control over the media where his interview was broadcasted. [ Interview with video ]

Update: 17 November 2019: A few minutes ago, the news of a second season of Love By Chance spread like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter. The official trailer of the second season:

While the first season focuses on the Ae-Pete couple, the official Facebook page of the series stated that it will be Tin-Can this time. Here is a previous post we did about the series related to Tin and Can:

Mean Phiravich is the epitome of an elite boy with a lot of emotional hang-ups. Plan Rathavit, on the other hand, portrays a cutesy, innocent Can (Cantaloupe).

  • Can or Cantaloupe (Plan Rathavit) is an impressionable young man who has not yet experience being in love or being the target of someone’s desire and affection. He appears to be like a character out of Mary Renault’s Greek coming of age novels as someone incorruptible;
  • Tin (Mean Phiravich) is an elitist rich kid who is also suspicious of people who wants to connect with him. Like his love interest Can, he has to experience romantic love.

My opinion did not change. I think that putting Tin and Can on the spotlight is justified since their story did not get the proper closure it deserves in Season 1.

The second couple (IMO) almost eclipsed the lead actors in that their story was in ‘suspended animation’ after the final episode. The elitist, haughty Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn (as the rich kid with issues, Tin) is a perfect match for the naive and good-natured Plan Rathavit Kijworaluk (as Can). If you remember how Tin coyly calls our boy ‘Cantaloupe’, then you must be as disappointed as I am that a second season will not push through.

And so there is Season 2! Something we don’t know previously. I agree with the general consensus that to request or even demand the producers to include more Ae and Pete can be counter-productive. I think having WhyRU series is enough for Saint to showcase his talents. Perth is also featured in Until We Meet Again and The Stranded (Netflix) so they are busy with separate projects.

I also think both Plan and Mean deserve the spotlight. As a reviewer, I want to see the development of their styles in acting. Their character reversal in 2Wish failed to give me the cool vibes inherent in their portrayal of Can and Tin. You can tell from my preferences above. If you are not yet aware, Plan and Mean are the stars of the now concluded 2Wish the series.

We will update this page as we get more news.



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