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Month: May 2020

Filipino Reviews 1

Sakristan (Altar Boy) – Episode 1 [Review]

Maligned even before it was shown, Sakristan’s premiere started with a big bang! Like a GMM-tv BL premiere, the chats are populated with eager and excited fans. In the case of Sakristan, there is already an assumption of defiance and notoriety. The opening credit baits conservative viewers to have an open mind. On the other hand, it offers a comedic ‘remark’ to a captured audience that is waiting with bated breath.

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Book Reviews 1

My Ride: I Love You [Book Review]

For people who follow me on Twitter, I make it no secret that I like shows and books of the BL genre. It’s also a fact that most who follow me know which shows and books I like, and the ones I DON’T like. While I have been reading M/M love stories for quite some time, I just started watching Thai BL dramas just this year. Thanks to following & the owner Red on Twitter, I always have an eye on upcoming BL dramas, and one that I am very excited to watch is My Ride, the Series which is an adaptation of the book – My Ride, I Love you.

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Features 1

Spotlight on Utain Boonorana (Patrick Rangsimant) [2nd Interview]

This is Psychomilk’s second full interview with the good doctor. Our first interview tackles gay rights in Thailand and about his upcoming series, My Ride. This time, we dive deeper into Dr. Patrick Rangsimant’s ‘psyche’ in terms of how he manages his time and his insights into the world of BL.

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Book Reviews 0

The Gameboys the Series’ Official Soundtrack (OST) [Review]

For years, I have been a silent fan of Original Soundtracks from movies and more recently, the sweeping and heart-tugging theme songs that BL Series from across Asia have been producing like they’re nothing more than arranged poetry – lush, poetic and sung like scores meant to induce the viewer’s emotions to soar.

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News 2

Sakristan (Altar Boy) – 2020

It’s just a matter of day before we get to see Sakristan, a different BL series with an equally unique style and point of view. While the BL community is familiar with the religious flavor of Thailand – the merits of having been blessed at their temples and by their ever-considerate monks. The Philippines – being the only Catholic nation in Asia – has a rather more volatile nature but at the same time, as poignant and as spiritual as its Southeast Asian neighbor.

Episode Reviews will be posted here:

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6 | Episode 7 | Episode 8

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Features 2

Meet the Hottest Pinoy Actors Doing BL! (2020 Edition)

There are about 20 upcoming BL TV series and gay movies that feature some of the best Filipino filmmakers today and starring the hottest young talents diving into the BL craze. But long before the BL push (from Thailand,) some of these actors have already made names in both the local and international scenes. Let’s get to know them, shall we?

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Reviews 1

YYY มันส์เว่อร์นะ – BL Sitcom Episode 5 [Review]

Episode 5 of YYY The Series is my favorite so far. While not without glitches, it is the most ‘serious’ among the five installments of the show. If you recall the warning at the beginning of each episodes, we were told not to take the show seriously, yet it has become rather serious – in a good way. This review is a joint effort with Jen’s BL Views and Reviews!

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Chinese Reviews 6

Guardian | 镇魂 | Review

If you have watched “The Untamed” and enjoyed the subtle romance between main leads Lan Wangji & Wei Wuxian, then Guardian should be on your playlist. Despite the blatant censorship by the Chinese Government that prohibits depictions of same-sex relationships on television, the drama manages to clearly spell out the love that the main characters Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan have for each other.

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Features 1

Psychomilk talks to Elijah Canlas and Kokoy De Santos of Gameboys!

For international BL fans, they may not be so familiar, but for discerning moviegoers and critics (both in the Philippines and in the international film festival circuit), Elijah Canlas and Kokoy De Santos are acclaimed for their noteworthy performances. Canlas is the star of Kalel, 15 – about a young boy who contracted AIDS, while De Santos plays the main character in Fuccbois, about male bikini contestants who got involved in a sex scandal.

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News 0

Talay & Yoon sing OST of YYY The Series!

The BL pair of Talay Sanguandikul and Yoon Phusanu is one of the two major reasons why YYY The Series is such an entertaining show. Of course, Poppy Ratchapong is the other big factor for the series’ success. It’s the perfect blend of romance and wacky comedy that makes every episode worth it. In this YouTube video, the pair extended their magic!

Reviews 3

The Shipper – จิ้นนายกลายเป็นฉัน  Episode 1 [Review]

The Shipper takes over the highly coveted BL slot of GMM-tv from the hugely popular 2Gether The Series. While its predecessor commanded millions of views, The Shipper only took in about a quarter of that. Not that it’s an inferior show since viewers still have to get a hang of it.

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Thai Reviews 1

My Engineer เมีย’s วิศวะ – Episodes 12 – 13 [Review]

Emotional security takes a nosedive as we approach the finale week. Our four main couples are going through major changes in their relationship, some good, some bad. Some draw a blank, and some are left in a state of confusion while others are ending their relationship over apparent miscommunication. Let’s review Episodes 12 and 13.

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Korean Reviews 2

Where Your Eyes Linger – 너의시선이머무는곳에 Episode 1-2 [Review]

The much-awaited South Korean Boys Love (BL) mini-series, Where Your Eyes Linger, offers something fresh and rusty. As most BL fans do, they watch for onscreen chemistry. The duo of Han Gi-Chan and Jang Eui Soo obviously have it – the lingering stares keep the small screen afire. The degree of intimacy between the arrogant and self-assured heir and his bodyguard is fascinating to watch.

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Chinese Reviews 0

The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty 明代侦探|iQIYI (2020) (Ep. 31 – 40)

The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty is drawing major attention because of its unique flavor of crime thriller coupled with the lively romance between main leads Tang Fan and Sui Zhou. Add in the cunning Western Depot Commander Wang Zhi, and we have a potboiler of mystery, friendship, betrayal, and romance. Let’s review Episodes 31 to 40, as we get closer to the controversy plaguing the Ming Dynasty.

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