Welcome to the Psycho Milk Top 30 Hottest Thai BL actors list! This is the second edition of the hitlist. The first edition was published in May 2019, and to provide perspective the ranks will be dual (Current and previous ranks will be indicated after the name of the actors). The criteria for the selection are here.

Here are the actors who made the 21-30 list! [Right after the jump!]

– Edited by TheFNGee

Billkin Puttiphong

Billkin Puttiphong

Projects: My Ambulance, BKPP The Series

Rank: 30 (2019-Not Ranked)

Status: Rising Star, New Face

Managed by Nadao Bangkok, Billkin Puttiphong (พุฒิพงศ์ อัสสรัตนกุล) was a scene-stealer in My Ambulance as the intern infatuated with a young male patient (PPKritt). Fans were disappointed with the sad ending, so his production company wanted to improve fan relations and gave them a series of their own. Scheduled for a July 2020 release, BKPP The Series has no storyline yet, but the duo has been appearing at high-profile events in Bangkok to ramp up interest for their upcoming show.

Talay Sanguandikul

Lay Talay

Projects: My Engineer, YYY The Series

Rank: 29 (2019- Not Ranked)

Status: New Face

Lay Talay (ทะเล สงวนดีกุล) is bringing his A-game with a major role in My Engineer and as a supporting character in a BL Sitcom called YYY. Certainly, a series of quick castings is not bad for a newcomer. What pushes him to enter the top 30 list is being in this Season (first half of 2020) BL Crush, with many fans asking to know who he in and wanting more. He’s not a bad actor either – with some sharply honed acting craft in both the series and sitcom.

Frank Thanatsaran

Projects: My Tee, Our Skyy, 2Gether

Rank: 28 (2019 – #27)

Status: Rising Star, Most Promising

Frank Thanatsaran (ธนัตถ์ศรันย์ ซำทองไหล) remains a potential BL superstar, with huge backing from GMMtv. While He’s My Boy (My Tee) failed to impress, Frank and Drake (his BL partner) returned for a dramatic comeback via Our Skyy. The current 2Gether The Series keeps all hopes alive. He’s only 19, with plenty of acting mileage to go!

Joong Archen

Projects: 2 Moons S2, S3

Rank: 27 (2019 – #29)

Status: Rising star, New Face

Definitely more than just a pretty face, Joong Archen (อาเชน วิรภากุล) is reported to have returned to Thailand from Turkey to pursue a career in entertainment. His performance in 2Moons2 as Ming was spot on. However, is he talented enough to handle intense, dramatic roles? We shall see. While waiting, he gets to host a travelogue and is reported to be part of a new boy-band.

Video clip of the Top 30 hitlist, which is the latest rankings. There will be an update this June 2020 as more casting news, awards, and milestones affect the hitlist. Stay tuned!

Earth Teerapat

Projects: 2 Moons S2, S3

Rank: 26 (2019 – #25)

Status: Rising star, New Face

Earth Teerapat (ธีระภัทร์ เรืองฤทธิ์กุล) is the perfect epitome of a hot Thai BL uke. For us, he was perfect as Wayo in 2Moons2 and he has demonstrated his depth as an actor with an inspired performance. Earth and Benjamin interacted very well on the screen, something that can’t be said with the actors from the prior iteration 2Moons. Thanks to Dir. Aam Anusorn for discovering this talented spitfire! Want to know more? Read Earth’s Profile

Gameplay Garnpaphon

Projects: Lovesick S2, He She It, Ingredients

Rank: 25 (2019 – Not Ranked)

Status: Established

Gameplay Garnpaphon (ทศพล เล่าลือเกียรติ) was part of Lovesick Season 2 (2014) and The School (2015) but stopped acting to concentrate on his academic studies. After a couple of years, he’s obtaining a degree in Culinary arts. He returns via a daring role in WarperTV’s He She It and the recent online novel Heart By Heart, and yes! as the main character in the foodie-musical BL miniseries Ingredients. Even with such disparate roles, Gameplay is unfazed by the challenge!

AJ Chayapol

Projects: Dark Blue Kiss, He’s Coming to Me

Rank: 24 (2019 – #30)

Status: Rising star, New Face

AJ Chayapol (ชยพล จุฑามาศ) grabbed his first major BL role as the third wheel in the Kao-Pete romance series Dark Blue Kiss. This rising star has (almost) the total package. His performance in DBK alone infuriated fans of Tawan to no end. Backed by GMM-tv, we expect more fireworks from this young thespian for sure!

Fame Chawin

Projects: My Dream, My Ride: I Love You

Rank: 23 (2019 – Not Ranked)

Status: Established

Fame Chawin‘s (ชวินโรจน์ ลิขิตเจริญสกุล) foray into BL started with a major role in My Dream The Series, but he’s already an acclaimed actor even before that – his range is tremendously wide: My Little Comedian (2010) ThirTEEN Terrors (2014) and Leh Ratree (2015). Playing the lead role of Tawan in My Ride: I Love You will further push this 21-year old actor into the spotlight!

Win Metawin

Win Metawin

Project: 2Gether the Series

Rank: 22 (2019 – Not Ranked)

Status: New Face, Most Promising

Win Metawin‘s (เมธวิน โอภาสเอี่ยมขจร) character Tine will go down in BL history as that clueless guy who asks for a pretend boyfriend and reacted incredulously when the pretend guy claims true love. He did indeed portray the role with both tenacity and fun! 2Gether costar Bright Vachirawit was quick to point out that Metawin always seems ready to go the extra mile – acting workshops, diet, gym training, the works. Such dedication will bring wonders to this young, promising actor!

Kokliang Parinya

Projects: The Best Twins, Tharn Type S1, S2

Rank: 21 (2019 – Not Ranked)

Status: Rising Star

Kokliang Parinya (ปริญญา อังสนันท์) belongs to that rare breed of young men who are socially responsible and an awesome actor at that! Now in his 6th year at medical school (He is aiming to become an MD), Kokliang spearheads the “Stay at Home” drive as he joins front-liners on the fight against COVID-19. His acting credentials also speak volumes – The Best Twins (2018), TharnType (2019), and TharnType S2 (2020). Portraying Tar, the bullied and hapless victim of an evil scheme in Mame’s BL universe, Kokliang gave the character the kind of spotlight he deserves.

All names of the actors on the list are listed with their popular Nicknames, followed by their first name. Surnames have been excluded. Thai names follow their English counterparts.

Note: To YouTube BL vloggers, I’m flattered that you love my hitlist, but try to make your own and be original. I’d appreciate being given credit for the text since I wrote it anyway. Thank you.


  1. I’m also wondering, why Bas, God and even Supakorn are not included here. But, yeah we have our different perspective so. It’s all up to you if you will believe in someone’s opinion or will believe on what you think. Nevertheless, they are all hot, we people just have a similar taste and eyes. Lol.


  2. I disagree with some …
    I do not consider Earth Teerapat a promise because he is bad at acting but not because of that I condemn him he has to do other roles to win me, Jonng is the one who most caught my attention of the whole cast is the only one who knows how to act there (I really had a hard time finishing it)
    I hope very much to see Kokliang Parinya, his role in TT I was moved, he is a difficult and suffered character
    I am hundred cumpable for not paying more attention to Lay Talay this year I take the drum with their asserted roles I end up falling in love this weekend with their series
    I wish GMM would give more attention to Frank and Drake, one hundred that is wasted
    It is just my taste and I share it, I love these lists that to do helps me to meet new actors that I do not watch,
    PS: sorry if my english is bad …


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