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Day: April 9, 2020

News 2

THAI BL Newsfeeds [Archive 2]

Archives are here: Part 1 | Part 2

9 April 2020 10:02 pm BKK

Gulf Kanawut, Mew Suppasit and Mild Suttinut on an obvious “state of relaxation” on the Tharn Type drama set.

Oh captain! My captain!

Our ship has sailed

Let us not anchor so fast

Even with the sighting of pirates!

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Reviews 9

Until We Meet Again – Episode Finale [Review]

UWMA?  Why are we talking about Until We Meet Again weeks after the Finale was broadcast?  Because I need to finish what I started.  A multitude of reasons, actually. Mainly because I effectively trashed some aspects of Episode 16, and discovered later I was dead-ass wrong.  I was also tired of letting myself be overwhelmed with emotion. Now that’s passed, and I want to put down what my thoughts are regarding this series ebullient finish.

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