Motor Cycle: The Series – วุ่นรักนักบิด (2020)

The bad boy image in BL is one theme that is hard to match – there is just something about being bad for the sake of it. Now comes a new BL drama entitled Motor Cycle: The Series. For me, it sounds like sex, boys, and rock & roll and motorbikes, of course! The series is slated for a May 2020 release.

22 March 2020 updates: Definitely, there are new faces in the cast and since there is already a trailer, these young actors will probably stay in the series.

18 Dec. 2019 updates: Series production team is pushing for the drama to launch. The only missing info is the exact date. Latest photos reveal new cast!

Update: It seems the production team has recast again! Lazy Subber just announced on Facebook. Here is one of the leads, and he registers quite well!

We will add more info as we get them.

Below are the previous cast, and until now it is incomplete. Our guess is that those below are no longer acting in the series.

Here’s what’s it’s all about:

A high school kid named Run loves to sneak out of their home to ride his motorbike. He droves around and feels exuberant by just the ride and the freedom to do what he wants. When his bike broke down, he met Mike who fixed it in no time. Mike is an introvert, open-minded individual who works as a mechanic. But he’s no ordinary fixer. He has a lot of secrets. Both fell for each other but did not push further. Both have boyfriends, a fact that gave hope to something more than just desire. Will they pursue each other or stick to their boyfriends?

Phakkhaphon Panyachaib or simply Pak August plays Run, one of the leads in Motor Cycle: The Series. ‘Run’ is a high school kid who likes to sneak out every night to ride on his motorcycle by himself. He met ‘Bike’ when he had to get his motorcycle fixed. Bike is a free spirit and introvert mechanic with many secrets. They both fell in love with each other but were too afraid to pursue each other.

The series’ official Facebook is quite active. Here are plenty of photos of the cast!

Stay tuned for more casting news as we get them from the source!

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