I always have this notion that a TV series should be stand alone and that no matter where its based, it should remain independent of the source.

However, I am inclined to agree with a Youtuber who have impressed me with bits of explanation re: 2Gether the series and why there is a need for a reviewer to – at least – browse the source to get a clear perspective of issues, attitudes, and interaction.

Byulsarang did plenty of reaction videos. In fact, I would call her/him a modern-day reviewer who analyzes BL shows from a very detailed-oriented standpoint. The way the reviews are presented is refreshing and honest. I don’t usually watch reaction videos but ever since I got Twitter friends who do that, my faith was restored. I don’t follow big Youtubers who garnered millions of followers, so it goes with the territory.

  • I’m confused and a bit clueless on why Sarawat acts as if he cares about Tine. In Episode 1, I inquired, what’s in it for him if he decided to accept the pretend boyfriend proposal? Apparently, to those who read the novels, he already has a history of loving Tine but he doesnt know him at all. He only learned about his name when Tine sent him an email. I think this explained a whole lot about the series;
  • Sarawat is a loving person. This spoiler, I get from the beginning. I can read Bright’s use of defense mechanism to hide what he truly feels. How he avoids “fame” when girls started to scream and demand to know his name. It is so obvious of a person who wants privacy, yet it’s the same notion of care he showers on people he loves. He just don’t want to announce it;
  • The guitar and how Sarawat lets Tine play it + Scrubb, the band on spotlight. The general consensus that it takes consideration for someone to simply let another person play a guitar is spot on. It means the person is important. The band too! Let’s enjoy their music!;
  • Green is allied with Sarawat? This is – for me – the biggest spoiler and I was taken aback by it. I thought Green was suspicious of Sarawat when in fact, they are working in cahoots. I love it;

I agree that Bright is an extremely analytical and passionate actor. My profile of him speaks on that. So to learn that he read the novel and is carefully analyzing his character is no surprise at all. In fact, I would be shocked if he did not do what’s reported.

Tonight, we’ll be watching Episode 3. I no longer wonder why I watch it multiple times. Aside from.enjoying the series, I am simply looking for clues and Byulsarang offers so many hints.

Now that GMMtv have been doing plenty of twists and turns, it somehow lessens the impact of reactors and hints of what’s to come. I think it levels up the playing field for ordinary BL watchers in a sense that – spoilers may not even matter anymore.


  1. I’ve been watching byulsarang’s videos for a while, and love the detailed analysis they provide and clues to the source material. After watching that particular video it’s really entertaining to go back and watch the first two episodes again and it hits a little different. I’m really enjoying the series so far, and Bright and Win are exceeding my expectations in terms of their performance.

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