River’s Edge – リバーズ・エッジ (2018)

This movie has a gay guy as the main character and is played by one of Japan’s rising stars, Ryo Yoshizawa.

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10 x 10 – Ten boys, Ten stories [Vol 1]

On the spotlight! (From top to bottom) – Mos Saksitt, Gulf Kanawut, Toy Thanaphat, Bright Vachirawit, Ohm Pawat, Mix Sahaphap, Seng Wachit, Ohm Thitiwat, Boun Noppanut, and Pavel Phoom

Mos Saksitt appeals to me more from a male model standpoint. His provocative photos scream for attention and that reason alone, why is he not in any BL series? Let me know if you got inside info on him!

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