Star Hunter Studio, the company behind SBFive and organizers of Thai BL actors’ fan events is releasing a series of music videos entitled “The Moment: I Need You”.

Starring: Bank Thanathip (as Dr. Mok) & Pon Thanapon (as Bay), with Jet Jetsadakorn (as Boston) & Fergie Pawarit (as Mr. Saint), Kad Ploysupa (as Ping) and Tung Weeraphong (as Lou).

The rest of the episodes are shown below:


  • The two leads are good-looking and photogenic. While they appear amateurish, they have some onscreen chemistry that made this 4-part online series delightful;
  • Pon Thanapon, the bartender, is consistently charming from start to finish. He’s quite a looker too;
  • The production values made use of modern, sentimental sound, lights, and good editing. No frills here nor any unneccesary scenes to fill up time and space;
  • The rabbits come as a special touch. It added a certain delight to the series;
  • Bank Thanathip’s character is quite vague. He maybe straight or gay. It depends on the viewers imagination. He could have been more effective if he is not too conscious of his acting. Pon is more natural, yet they look good together.

Overall, this light BL romance is a nice option if you want to watch a short series, while not getting too much emotionally invested with the characters.

R,ating: 3.9 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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