My Engineer เมีย’s วิศวะ (2020)

Good news for BL fans who are waiting for news about this new series, My Engineer. There are plenty of updates on Instagram that I’m reeling from sheer joy! The series is slated for a 14 March 2020 broadcast. One good casting news is that the lead of My Bromance Cooper Patpasit has been chosen to play one of the leads.

5th February 2020 Update: The production crew just released the latest clip, an official teaser of the series to be exact! Cooper Patpasit has figured quite prominently on this series, and hopefully, his acting has improved from his ‘exploits’ in the My Bromance series of 2 years ago.

Official series trailer is below:

Reactions: I find it too long and lacks the excitement of such shows like TharnType, Dark Blue Kiss or even He’s Coming To Me.

The acting appears too juvenile which made me worrisome if the casting issues and delays have affected the project’s impetus. The actors look uncomfortable and conscious.

Of course, a trailer is not enough to judge the quality of a drama series. Yet it is supposed to drum up interest and make viewers excited.

My biggest complaint is the lack of flow. Perhaps there are too many actors featured in the clip. I want to have establish an idea of the main couple and what sort of situation they will struggle or grow into.

I know that there might be a third wheel involved but I got sidetracked by supporting characters.

The latest teaser clip looks amazing though….

Thanks to The Smidge report for the casting info below:

  • Cooper IG as บ่น (Bon)
  • Poy IG as เดือนหนาว (Duennhaw)
  • Perth (Stewart ) IG as ราม (Ram)
  • Talay IG as คิง (King)
  • Junjie IG as เมฆ (Maek) or บอส (Boss)
  • Intouch IG as บอส (Boss) or เมฆ (Maek)
  • MD IG as ธารา (Tara)
  • Shane IG as ฟรองก์ (Frong)
  • Nam Kankulnut IG as ถิงถิง (Tingting)

Researching for My Engineer, I come across this:

One day, Duen (Medical student) is sleeping at the University Park and Bon (Engineering student) sees him and finds a giant water monitor. While walking close to the sleeping Deun, Bon tries to wake him up but Deun accidentally punches Bon’s handsome face and forces him to the hospital. After the incident, Bon orders Deun to bring a red rose to him every morning for a whole month as payback.

Some clips of the series below:

At the helm is the director of Sotus: The Series, Lit Samejarn. This will be his second BL project.

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