Until We Meet Again – Episode 16 [Review]

This is the second time I’ve written a review of this episode. The first version lambasted the overall execution of this episode based on a single, significant flaw in logic and acknowledgment of the passage of time. I could not get past those significant flaws without them influencing what I was saying. I also found it difficult to critique the chapter without looking at it on the whole with the information we as an audience garnered from the viewing. 

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The Cornered Mouse Dream of Cheese – 窮鼠はチーズの夢を見る (2020)

This is probably one of the best news to ever come out from Japan and from a BL perspective. Critically-acclaimed filmmaker Isao Yukisada is set to feature his 27th film entitled The Cornered Mouse Dream of Cheese. Aside from having an awesome director, it stars Ryo Narita – one of Japan’s most exciting young actors who was a former fashion model. He then auditioned and grabbed drama series and films since 2015.

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Why RU: The Series – เพราะรักใช่ป่าว Episode 4 [Review]

Episode 4 of WhyRU The Series represents one-third of the whole, which means we have 8 more episodes to go. Episode 1 is not to my liking, yet I immediately sense a transition and the original intent of the filmmakers to offer something unique and unpredictable yet in a way – relatable. I’m in the opinion that the remaining episodes will feature delectable, juicy, intense and revealing details that will define this BL drama.

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Until We Meet Again – Episode 15 [Review]

Another emotional storm overtakes us in this episode.  Plot twists, surprise revelations, and even more reveals about the characters we’ve come to care about so much. Acting in this BL series is one of its strongest suits. With the next crop of “BL” series in 2020, I’m hoping we’ll see the same high-quality production standards for which this series has established the benchmark.

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Until We Meet Again [UWMA] The Series- ด้ายแดง (2019)

Based on the BL novel entitled The Red Thread by LazySheep, Until We Meet Again [UWMA] The Series is about the romantic relationship between Dean and Parm. There is also the topic of reincarnation.

Update: Reports confirm that the series will run until March 2020 with 7-8 more episodes. There will be a total of 17-18 episodes, including live streaming for the final installment. Note also that no official announcement has been posted yet.

Episode Reviews are here: Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6 | Episode 7 | Episode 8 | Episode 9 | Episode 10 | Episode 11 | Episode 12 | Episode 13 | Episode 14 | Episode 15 | Episode 16 | Episode Finale (17)

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Until We Meet Again – Episode 14 [Review]

Last week I was rabbiting on about Korn’s “famous last words” and all the broken promises as if the chronology of Korn and In’s story was waning from this series.  I was wrong.  Not only do we get to see more of the good and bad times with Korn and In, but we’re also starting to get a clearer timeline of events that link to what our present Dean and Pharm experience through sometimes not-so-pleasant dreams.

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