This news about a new BL or Bromance series – entitled Gen Y – was announced last week of December 2019.

It was further reported that the original cast of 2 moons will be playing major roles. That there are 3 seasons scheduled for this series.

The cast includes Copter Panuwat and Kim Varodom, who play the original Ming-Kit in 2 moons.

Here is the video clip which serves as teaser for the series. (click the clip and it will direct you to YouTube since Starhunter reserves access to it)

Other cast include the following

The casting news was also posted by Lazy Subber at Facebook.


    • The video has been removed by the poster. We’re trying to find out the status of the series, but with the COVID-19 issues, production may have been suspended altogether.



  1. Where can we watch it?

    Hi Sondria – Thanks for the email. Our intro was done in January, and the series may have “gone dark” due to COVID-19. I’ll do some research.




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