Bright Vachirawit – วชิรวิชญ์ ชีวอารี [Profiler]

Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree [ วชิรวิชญ์ ชีวอารี ] is a GMM artist known for his roles in Love Song: Love series and Social Death Vote.

2Gether the series is his first BL drama.

Up Close and Personal

Born 12 December 1997, Vachirawit displays a passion for music and landscape photography.

Aaide from his personal Instagram account, he showcases his projects via @isawitbefore. He listens to South Korean R&B artist DeanTRBL.

He also likes to train in Muay Thai.

In 2018, he appears in a fashion photoshoot for Mix Magazine – Metroman vol. 136 – with below companion video clip:

His modeling also gives way to casting for music videos.

Bright appears in PAAM music video for the single Your Story

Try to listen to Bright in the Song After Six playlist from GMM.

Armed with good looks, Vachirawit is multi-tasking – playing guitar and singing, travelling and getting engaged in plenty of photography.

2Gether:The Series – his first BL drama under GMM

Bright and Win answer questions about their roles in 2Gether the series.

Playing the lead role of Sarawat, Bright teams up with newcomer Win Metawin who plays Tine.

Desperate for someone who can act his “pretend boyfriend”, Tine contracted Sarawat so he can get rid of a pesky gay admirer. As most often the case, the two young men become close and we can only predict what is about to happen next.

More details of 2Gether the series here!

Acting as a way of living – Profile from Sudsapda (a Thai lifestyle magazine)

There is a Twitter account specifically dedicated to provide news about Bright and Win. A recent translation offers plenty of insight about Bright.

Vachirawit attributes his role in ISeaYou as one of his career highlights with producer P’Dean.
  • Bright started in the entertainment biz at the age of 15;
  • He hosted a teen variety show called Strawberry Krubcake for 3 years;
  • Playing Peter in I.Sea.You series is a big challenge since the character is Bright’s complete opposite. He consider himself a pessimistic person;
  • He started playing guitar, drums, and other instruments when he was 10 years old;
  • His dad manages a music school and has a music artist for an uncle.

Vachiwarit appears to be close to his Mom whom he dedicates his lifetime of work as an actor:

I have to be more careful about the decision I make, the path I want to take in life whether it be big or small. For others, they might wanted to become an actor for an experience or something but I’m doing this for a living. | source |

You can join Bright in celebrating his acting career, passion, and hobbies via social media – Twitter | Instagram

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