Dir. Aam Anusorn tweeted a “challenge” to viewers and fans of his critically acclaimed film, Present Perfect.

Of course, I’m obliged to list down my favorites. I also just want to say, if you are looking to find one of the gold standards when it comes to onscreen romantic chemistry, then the leads – Ice Adisorn and Joke Kritsana – are a top candidate.

Here’s the Tweet:

And the clip showing the choices by the filmmaker himself:

I agree with the choices, except for one particular scene that I find romantic. It’s the scene where both Toey and Oat drank until they passed out. How they spent the time talking and teasing each other is quite sweet and romantic for me.

The airport scene is quite memorable for me. It gave me hints that there is going to be a sequel and that closure is available for all the pent-up emotions of the two characters and the audience.

These three selected scenes alone show the technical superiority of dir. Anusorn’s film. The camera angles, the lighting, and the editing.

Aside from that, he really pushed his actors to perform with such emotions. There is no overacting. What I saw are two actors who know their characters deep down.

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