In Until We Meet Again, there is that obvious feeling that you and many others are falling in love with it.

Episode 1 is intimate, comedic, sentimental and futuristic. Dir. New needs to be commended for the courage to start fresh with a new series and with that, a beaming confidence with the cast.

Let’s talk about why it was such an awesome opening episode:

  • The pace is deliberate. Viewers felt relaxed as the scenes are laid out going back and forth between time. Differing emotions for each change of pace, scene, and mood too;
  • It has no bearing whether you have read the novel or is just about to be enchanted by the story. It was totally engaging to begin with;
  • You know you are in good company when you hear Boy Sompob;
  • Earth and Nine, the ill-fated lover from the past, nailed their intense dramatic scene together. It was done tastefully without anyone going hysterical;
  • Fluke retains his charming screen presence. He is cute, serious, playful and acts like a legitimate leading actor. Remember that its been years since he was the star of My Bromance and Red Wine in the Dark Night and he has not aged a single day;
  • Ohm Thitiwat is one of the.most attractive young Thai BL actors working today and dir. New explored this hot boy using unique camera frames;
  • Sammy leads in the comedy department and often breaks the ice when things are about to get boring or too dramatic. One of the few Thai BL female mainstays who is never antagonistic;
  • Prem is a good match to Fluke’s gang and Boun’s love interest;
  • And lastly, Boun. How can anyone even look this amazing? Aside from being self+conscious, Noppanut looks like a young Greek god!

The production team spares no expense to come up with a nostalgic feel for the opening and ending credits – leaving the viewers in the right mood.

Remember that we are talking about reincarnation and parallel lives. There must be some connection between the four leading characters and dir. New made such connection a part of their conversation.

This is such a clever way to incorporate such dark themes and give it a modern spin.

While this is just the premier episode, I already felt the need to say – being one of the most anticipated drama, it has exceeded many expectations, including mine.

Rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

Below is a serious topic regarding gays and how it may have affected the status of the lovers in the past in this series.

Note: Heavy discussions!


  1. Series starts off with a literal bang- it can be jarring and intense and I along with a lot of others were checking comments after episode to make sure this really was the start of a series. When I realized that indeed it was- I was mesmerized by the direction, story, musical score and commitment of the cast and crew. Opening credits a nice touch. And Fluke’s performance is outstanding.

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