Top 30 Hottest Thai BL Actors (2019-2020 edition) – Part 3/3 [from 10 to 1]

The 10 hottest Thai BL actors right this minute! How do the rankings work? Read it here.

Ice Adisorn | Present Perfect, Present Still Perfect

Rank: 10

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

In my interview with dir. Anusorn, he only have praises for Ice Adisorn work ethics. He has no TV representation yet but he ranks very high for sheer acting talent.

As a film reviewer, his acting in Present Perfect was impeccable – he was the epitome of a man trying to find himself. The angst, the despair, the joy of love could not have been properly depicted if someone else played the role. Looking forward to the sequel, Present Still Perfect soon!

Mew Suppasit | TharnType, What the Duck

Rank: 9

Status: Most Promising, Senior

Meet the big daddy of tops!

Mew Suppasit romancing Gulf Kanawut in TharnType:The Series is almost a milestone in showing intimacy between young men on television. While it was not “revolutionary”, it create plenty of buzz. The kind that makes an aspiring actor a star. At 28, he still appears like a young, horny 18 year old.

Making waves in What The Duck gave fans a glimpse of how far he can go. So now he’s running the extra mile with the right number of audience.

Saint Suppapong | Love by Chance, Reminders, Why RU

Rank: 8

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

Psycho Milk believes that Saint Suppapong is the next big thing in BL – some say he already is.

Saint is a phenomenon in that there is no one like him. His interaction with fans and the media separates him from mere actors. It’s the sincerity that always come across. Even the clips where he’s acting all demure and sweet spare no expense for realism’s sake.

Once Why RU the series is released, we’ll know how big he really is.

New Thitipoom | Kiss drama installments, Our Skyy

Rank: 7

Status: Veteran

I don’t know what’s in the water of Bangkok, but there is an almost unlimited supply of young actors who look like 18 yet are already in their late twenties. Take the case of New Thitipoom.

A veteran at 26, New has done a lot – Waterboyy, the series and the Kiss drama installments with perennial partner Tay Tawan. The novelty of being a handsome young boy who prefers another boy is the ultimate fantasy for New’s fans and still – after 3 Kiss drama series – are raring for more!

Earth Pirapat | Waterboyy series, Tale of a Thousand Stars

Rank: 6

Status: Veteran

Earth Pirapat has this ability to make you fall in love or irritated and annoyed with almost the same intensity. That’s how good he is as an actor. While I thought he was miscast in the Waterboyy series, he is perfect as the military officer in A Tale of a Thousand Stars – one of the most anticipated BL drama in 2020.

His body of work in the Thai BL scene is varied – he has done both supporting and leading roles, and he was almost always convincing. This consistency gave him his #6 ranking.

Chimon Wachirawit | Sweet Boy, My Dear Loser, Our Skyy

Rank: 5

Status: Established

At 19, Chimon Wachirawit is already amassing an impressive acting resume. He’s another trailblazer in the Thai BL firmament with a lead role in the movie Sweet Boy, followed by a major role in My Dear Loser Series: Edge of 17. Both projects solidify his position in portraying gay characters.

While he’s pleasing fans with his onscreen team up with Pluem (watch them in Our Skyy), he is also expanding his roles in The Gifted, Blacklist and He’s Coming To Me.

Fluke Pongsatorn | My Bromance, Red Wine in the Dark Night, UWMA series

Rank: 4

Status: Established

Previously, Fluke Pongsatorn did a double whammy with My Bromance and Red Wine in the Dark Night. Two highly distinct movies with Fluke credited to have made them ‘stellar’.

After getting supportings parts, its time for Fluke to grab the spotlight – once again. His comeback show is Until We Meet Again, the tearjerker drama with romance, sweets, reincarnation and sexy boys in swimming pools.

Pongsatorn is one of Thailand’s most underrated young actors, but here in Psychomilk, we’ll rank him a place he surely deserves.

Gun Atthaphan | The Blue Hour, Puppy Honey series, Our Skyy, Theory of Love

Rank: 3

Status: Veteran

The Blue Hour has catapulted Gun Atthaphan into one of the highest spots in the Thai BL firmament. But even before the horror flick, Gun has been a household name already – with his own TV show and plenty of publicity. Not to mention fans – he has 1.5 million Instagram followers.

The Thai media has been calling him “ageless” due to his ability to maintain his youthful looks even at the age of 26. Yeah, the guy is 26 already!

Ohm Pawat | Make it Right series, Hes Coming to Me, Dew the movie, The Shipper

Rank: 2

Status; Established

From being the resident Cassanova of Make It Right to being the ghost lover in He’s Coming to Me and finally, the young man who can’t come.out (as gay) in dir. Chookiat’s Dew:The movie, Ohm Pawat has maintained such high level of consistency on his performances that he deserves this runner up position.

Angsty, spontaneous, intense and deliberate in his acting, you are looking at the future superstar of Thai BL drama, today.

Singto Prachaya | SOTUS series, Our Skyy, He’s Coming to Me

Rank: 1

Status: Established

He reminds me of Japanese drama king Tsumabuki Satoshi in how he can maintain his good looks even while crying. But Singto Prachaya is numero uno not only for his dramatic skills, but his ability to be convincing even when he plays supporting characters. That is what you call integrity.

His personal acing style is still evolving, but he has managed to be in control of himself even when the script demands him to explode with emotions. He knows what understated acting is, and he uses it wisely. Something that many on this hitlist has yet to learn or even master.

After SOTUS and its sequel, Prachaya gave BL fans He’s Coming to Me, a ghost-romantic-mystery series that will remain a favorite for years to come.

There you have it!

Psychomilk hitlist is more fast forward rather than historical. We rank actors based not only on past performances but what projects are lined up in the coming seasons.

All names of the actors on the list are based on their popular Nicknames, followed by their first name. Surnames have been excluded.

Note: To Youtube BL vloggers, I’m flattered that you love my hitlist, but try to make your own and be original. Thank you.

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