New BL Series: Tale of A Thousand Stars – นิทานพันดาว (2020)

Aside from a promising cast, Tale of A Thousand Stars is already one of the most anticipated Thai BL drama for 2020 because of its director.

Remember He’s Coming to Me? And the current Dark Blue Kiss? Well, its Backof Aof Noppharnach who will direct 1000 stars!

Teaser trailer is below:

Here’s what the drama is all about:

A pretty and idealistic young teacher, Torfun (Aye Sarunchana) volunteered to educate young kids in a far flung and rebel-infested Thai village. She met and fell in love with the military officer who protects the place – Phupha (Earth Pirapat). However, she died from a car accident. She happens to be an organ donor and the accident benefits a young boy name Tian (Mix Sahaphap). Upon the boy’s recovery, he returns to the village and eventually met Phupha.

Will love spring forth between these two young men with different luck and circumstances?

The drama is based on a novel. More details here:

The lead cast are:

Mix Sahaphap plays Tian, a heart transplant patient who decided to follow jn the footsteps of his organ donor and volunteers to teach kids in a faroff village.
Earth Pirapat is Phupha, the military officer assigned to ptotect the villagers and Tian.

Interaction between the two – apparently – has already begun!

We will post more casting news as they become available.