Top 30 Hottest Thai BL Actors (2019-2020 edition) – Part 2/3 [from 20 to 11]

Here are the names rounding up the 20th to 11th place in the Thai Bl actors hitlist. How do the rankings work? Read it here.

Fluke Teerapat | My Bromance, SOTUS

Rank: 20

Status: Established

In 2014 when My Bromance was released, a lot of people were in awe with this lanky, volatile young Thai actor Fluke Teerapat as he went through a love-hate relationship with his co-star Fluke Pongsatorn. The result was an intense movie that many people demand for closure. Here’s hoping we get to see more of this multitalented artist!

Captain Chonlathorn | Lovesick S1 S2 S3, Reminders

Rank: 19

Status: Established

Oh Captain, my Captain! Anyone who is into BL will know him for his breakthrough role in Lovesick S1 and S2. Captain Chonlathorn will always remain as a sentimental favorite among the Thai roster.

Bright Wachivarit | 2Gether series

Rank: 18

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

Bright Wachirawit is one of the leads in 2gether the series. At 21, he finally grabbed a major role and I think they wasted his younger years by not featuring him in the lead earlier. Just the teaser clip alone for the 2020 BL series is enough to show how intense and demanding his role have been. Heres to Bright and his even brighter future!

First Kanaphan | The Shipper

Rank: 17

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

First Kanaphan is – undoubtedly – one of GMMTV’s most exciting young stars. Our only problem is that he has yet to do a BL drama. But wait! Is he the guy in the lip balm commercial? You bet! In The Shipper, he joins Ohm Pawat and Fluke Phusit on rhe spotlight. Kanaphan is one of our biggest bet for BL superstardom!

Gulf Kanawut | TharnType the series

Rank: 16

Status: Rising star, New Face

Gulf Kanawut is the highest ranking new face for obvious reasons. What he did in TharnType the series has upped the ante for televised intimacy between young men. The fact that he can do dramatic, demanding scenes as well is also a big plus! Kanawut is one of our biggest bet for BL superstardom!

Pluem Purim | My Dear Loser, Our Skyy

Rank: 15

Status: Established

He is the other half in the My Dear Loser BL team with Chimon. Yet Pluem – which means joy & happiness in Thai – is already a veteran in acting. He first came into the acting scene via Grean Fiction back in 2013. Aside from acting, Pluem Purim is also a singer.

Perth Tanapon | Love by Chance, The Stranded, Reminders

Rank: 14

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

At the tender age of 18, this singer-actor has accomplished so much for his blossoming career. Best known as Ae in Love by Chance, Tanapon is back in Netflix’s The Stranded with Mark Siwat. A lot of surprises are in store for fans of this amazing artist!

Cooper Patpasit | My Bromance, My Engineer

Rank: 13

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

His tour de force performance in My Bromance: the series paved the way for his rising star status. Recently cast as lead star in the upcoming My Engineer drama, Cooper Patpasit is now a major force in the Thai BL scene.

Krist Perawat | SOTUS, Our Skyy, SOTUS: S

Rank: 12

Status: Established

With 1.7 million Instagram followers, Krist Perawat enduring presence in the BL universe is permanently sealed via SOTUS. While his ranking is lower than his BL partner Singto, Perawat continues to act in hetero roles – which is a pity. We’d love to see him more in BL.

Tay Tawan | Kiss series of drama, including Dark Blue Kiss, Our Skyy

Rank: 11 (tie)

Status: Veteran

One of the GMMTV veterans, Tay Tawan – 28 yo – has already secured an Economics degree, enjoys vlogging on the side and represents the Kiss series to the BL universe. Talented and humble, Tawan is a major BL fixture for years to come.

Off Jumpol | Theory of Love, Puppy installment drama series

Rank: 11 (tie)

Status: Veteran

The other half of one of the longest existing BL couples, Off Jumpol, is reported to be wordy. Aside from his gift of talk, he has this amazing K-pop look that many fans can’t get enough of. Like Tawan, Off is a respected BL veteran.

In Part 3, we reveal our Top 10.

All names of the actors on the list are based on their popular Nicknames, followed by their first name. Surnames have been excluded.

Note: To Youtube BL vloggers, I’m flattered that you love my hitlist, but try to make your own and be original. Thank you.

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