Top 30 Thai BL Actors [2019-2020 Edition] – Introduction

And so, Psycho Milk will finally have the Top 30 Hottest Thai BL actors list! In the beginning, I thought 20 names are enough but with so many promising talents and rising stars, 30 appears to be the right number.

Our criteria:

  • Not necessarily ‘hot’ as in ‘eye candy hot’ like God Itthipat Thanit, but more of ‘he’s-a-good-actor-with-plenty-of-potential type;
  • Newsworthy – favorite topic or subject of fans in the BL universe, always on the spotlight;
  • With both film and drama series exposures (not necessarily a requirement, but an advantage);
  • Has won acting awards (local or international);
  • Has leading and supporting roles in BL shows;
  • Has a list of impressive acting performances (of which we’ll be the one to enumerate and cite samples via video clips or photos);
  • BL acting resume covers from 2014 to date;
  • Future projects have higher points than past projects. In other words, an actor in Lovesick may not make it, but someone from TharnType may;
  • Quality over quantity. However, when comparing two actors competing for the same ranking, the # of awesome works can sometimes prevail;
  • Not over 30 years old (young, as in young)

At the end of th day, the ranking is based on personal preferences and certain biases. If you don’t agree, you can always have your own list.

Do you have a names worthy of the list? Let us know!

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