The 30th to 21st ranked Thai actors on the hitlist. How do the rankings work? Read it here.

AJ Chayapol | Dark Blue Kiss

Rank: 30

Status: Rising star, New Face

AJ Chayapol grabs his first major BL role as the third wheel in the Kao-Pete romance via Dark Blue Kiss. This rising star has (almost) the total package. Given a dramatic role, we’ll see how far he can go up the rankings.

Joong Archen | 2 moons 2 series

Rank: 29

Status: Rising star, New Face

Definitely more than just a pretty face, Joong Archen was reported to have returned to Thailand from Turkey to pursue an entertainment career. His performance in 2moons2 as Ming is spot on. Can he handle intense, dramatic roles? We shall see…

Mark Siwat | Love by Chance, The Stranded

Rank: 28

Status: Rising star, Most promising

Mark Siwat returns to the small screen via Netflix’s The Stranded. He is paired with Perth Tanapon as the only BL couple in the series. Siwat was a standout in Love by Chance and I’m Your King S1.

Frank Thanatsaran | My Tee, 2Gether series

Rank: 27

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

Frank Thanatsaran made waves in My Tee and Our Skyy with BL partner Drake Sattabut. His ranking could have been higher if he was properly pushed and directed well in his lead role for My Tee. He returns in 2Gether, the new GMMTV series slated for 2020.

Benjamin Brasier | 2 moons 2 series

Rank: 26

Status: Rising star, New Face

British schooled Benjamin Brasier was both cool and collected as Phana on 2moons2. While he has yet to dive into a more colorful and demanding role, what we saw in the acclaimed Anusorn series is enough to render a top 26 ranking – for now.

Earth Teerapat | 2 moons 2 series

Rank: 25

Status: Rising star, New Face

Earth Teerapat is the perfect epitome of a hot Thai BL uke. For us, he was perfect as Wayo in 2moons2 and he has demonstrated his depth as an actor via his inspired performance. Earth and Benjamin interacted very well on the screen, something that can’t be said with the prior actors.

Mean Phiravich | Love by Chance

Rank: 24

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

Previous roles proved to be an essential training ground for Mean Pharavich. His take on the LBC character Tin was both inspired and sensational. His onscreen chemistry with Plan Rathavit stays unmatched even today.

Bas Suradej | 2 moons, Two Brothers

Rank: 23

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

Bas Suradej who was recently in Manila as part of the SBFIVE concert tour, gave such an improved acting in Two Brothers that his ranking was better than we initially expected. Let’s go back to 2moons and then watcb a couple of scenes from Two Brothers and you’ll know what we mean.

James Prapatthorn | The Effect

Rank: 22

Status: Rising star, New Face

James Prapatthorn was a standout in his breakout role as Shin in The Effect. His acting was way matured for his age and he was so effective and convincing. We can’t wait to see him in future projects. BL producers, get this guy will yah?

Plan Rathavit | Love by Chance

Rank: 21

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

He made the LBC character Cantaloupe comes alive with his wacky, innocent, and unassuming performance. There were times when his scenes with Mean eclipsed that of Perth and Saint – that’s Plan Rathavit for you!

In Part 2, we have 11-20.

All names of the actors on the list are based on their popular Nicknames, followed by their first name. Surnames have been excluded.

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