Based on the series by Chesshire, with illustration from Suki comes Oxygen the series. Slated for a 2020 release, this upcoming Thai BL drama is all about 2 young boys from an extremely different upbringing – Living and working independently, Solo may find life challenging, but he never runs out of a smile. Gee, who was born with a silver spoon, has everything but a smile.

Update: Official first teaser is released! (With English subs)

Reactions: At less than 4 minutes, the teaser clip is oh so sincere, romantic, dramatic, intriguing. There are scenes about different kinds of relationships – from the sentimental and romantic to familial. I am growing to like the leads’ chemistry because both of them uses their eyes to convey their feelings. It’s the hardest acting to do unless you can truly internalize what you feel and falling for another guy (if you’re straight) is not so easy to express. But then again, we have dir. Jane to push his actors.

I like that the couple is composed of a tall guy and a not so tall one. There is such authenticity about their interaction that tells something about how they study their characters and how they will breathe and live them in the drama. I hope that makes sense.

And we have female villains here…

Overall, the clip offers something that is not so original as to say it can revolutionize Thai BL, but it is a solid work from one of Thailand’s most prominent BL filmmakers.


Here is the synopsis as before:

When the two met in a small coffee shop late at night, sparks flew and it became a daily routine…

When they realize it, they’ve become each other’s breath. And it becomes a necessity, like oxygen.

I have absolute faith in this series – Jane Botta – who previously helmed Sotus S and Our Skyy, will direct. Botta impresses with the ability to produce tight and free-flowing scenes that make sense once the whole episode is shown. That’s one thing that some Thai BL series lack.

Here are photos courtesy of the series, Twitter page.

Supanut Lourhaphanich and Petch Chanapoom Thenwong, both newcomers-will play Solo and Gee, the two main characters. Also in the cast is another fresh face – Boss Thanabat.

Supanut got the total package – the looks and hopefully the acting potential.

Boss Thanabat (below) is tweeted by dir. Botta. He’s playing Kao Ashira, one of the main characters in the series.

Another member of the cast, Rapeepat Aimphan.

Apparently, the author is already into another book or series entitled Nitrogen, so whatever happens to the TV series, fans may look forward to the next chapters in the love and romance of our characters!

We’ll post more news as they become available.