Triple the Romance! August (of LoveSick) sings the OST of 2Moons2 the Series! [Clip]

By June 20, 2019June 24th, 2019One Comment

When the 2Moons2 the series team asked for someone like August (of Love Sick) to sing the OST of the show, they mean business!

Romantic, cool, vibrant, yet relaxed and classy, the Thai dialect soothes and is simply perfect for love songs. I’m impressed how August delivers what could be a candidate for song of the year.

I remember some of Thailand’s romantic balladeers and compared his soothing, romantic voice to Nont Tanont, Marc Tatchapon, and Jaonaay.

Verdict: This is one relatable love song that is destined to be played over and over!

On the cast, it’s still too early to make a judgment, but Joong Archen is a standout and Benjamin Brasier keeps on getting better and better looking. I don’t know, Brasier got the goods! He has plenty of romantic and sensual impacts.

It is becoming obvious that the intensity between the couples is leveled up compared to the interpretation in the first drama. I’m in the opinion that Dir. Anusorn has chosen the perfect cast – not gorgeous looking,  but handsome boys who can act. It certainly shows on the snippets of scenes used in the clip above.



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