New BL Series: Until We Meet Again [UWMA] The Series- ด้ายแดง (2019)

Based on the BL novel entitled The Red Thread by LazySheep, Until We Meet Again [UWMA] The Series is about the romantic relationship between Dean (21 years old and into swimming) and Parm (19, and loves desserts). Directed by New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul, this new series follows his directorial debut Make it Right in 2016 and the controversial Love by Chance (2018). New is also directing Fhalanrak: The Series ‏set for 2020, and EN of Love, this year.

New clip courtesy of the Ohm-Fluke ‘movement’ at Twitter.

Latest photoshoot! [from Studio Wabi Sabi]


UMWA explores the issues of soulmates and reincarnation, thus there are two actors playing the same role (and not necessarily the same names) who are either from the past or the present timeline.

JayBL is translating the original Thai novel into English. You can read the chapters in installment from Dek.D.

Latest tweets (above) show the cast enjoying themselves as the team participates in photo shoots.

The cast of Until We Meet Again, photos (above) courtesy of the series’ official Twitter.

Fluke Pongsatorn Sripinta (lead in My Bromance, the Movie) is Parm, who is the reincarnation of In. Playing In in the past is Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote (Love by Chance).

Ohm Thitiwat plays Dean, who is the reincarnation of Korn, and Korn is played by Nine Nopparat, who is also Dean’s past persona. The spectacular looking Ohm Thitiwat appears ‘ordinary’ at first, but then he was chosen as the lead, so his charm keeps on growing, and what a beautiful boy he truly is!

Both Ohm and Nine are newly cast actors. Bosston Suphadach is the other male cast who plays Pruk.

Boun Noppanut (who is also part of EN of Love series) plays another supporting role here. He’s Win. I can’t help it, Boun just rocks! I can’t wait to see him in the live-action series of both En of Love and UMWA!

We’ll be posting updates and photos as soon as we get news!