Ohm and Singto in Taiwan for Fan meet!

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The lead stars of the highly successful and critically acclaimed drama He’s Coming to Me – Singto Prachaya and Ohm Pawat – are in Taiwan for fan meetings.

They are joined by their co-stars and staff from the production company.

The drama series – composed of only 8 episodes – tells the tale of a lonely ghost named Met (Singto) who remains in our world despite so many years. His case seems to be about not knowing what was the case of his death. Enters a young boy named Thun (Ohm) who can see him, and who happens to be quite lonely himself. The two became close, and Thun became passionate about Met’s cause of death.

Described by many as a unique supernatural BL romantic-drama, He’s Coming to Me, is one of the best BL series to even come out of Thailand. With an amazing, engrossing storyline, competent acting, memorable soundtrack and tight, well-controlled directing.

This author also believes that come award season, both Ohm and Singto will be frontrunners for acting awards. Their drama is also touted as one destined for great prizes!



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