New BL Series: I’m Your King ผมขอสั่งให้คุณ Season 2 (2019)

Season 1 of I’m Your King escaped my radar when it was shown in 2017. I was only able to watch this 5-episode drama a few days ago.

Here’s the plot:

Days before Pound leaves for China for studies, a gang of six – New, Matt, Bright, August, Junho and Pound – gathers for a farewell celebration. They play the King game, which is a game with one simple rule: the holder of the King card can command anyone to do anything he wishes. However, in just one night, the six friends face a life-changing decision that will change their friendship forever.

The trailer got a lot of people excited, and it’s the reason why some became critical when the series was released. They were disappointed – acting, story, pacing, whatever.

I say it’s a disservice to yourself if you would entertain such notion of negativity. I think that I’m my best critic and judge (for whatever I want or wish to watch). I also think this applies to everyone.

One thing I can say, it’s not bad nor was it a masterpiece. I think the actors – who are fresh from an acting workshop – gave raw, emotional but incomplete performances. Just like the guys at Love Sick, you can feel certain scenes could have been improved or edited all together. But that same rawness gave the series its authentic feel.

I give I’m Your King a rating of 3.25 out of 5 stars, which only heightens my expectations for Season 2.


There is one side story that I felt passionate about. It’s about one of the leads –
Newyear Kitiwhut Sawutdimilin – who was reported to be gay.

There were unconfirmed reports that Thai BL directors prefer straight actors to play gay characters. I find that discriminatory. To think that they are portraying gay characters! How would you feel if you’re a local Thai and that foreign actors are preferred over you to play such characters?

With close to a million Instagram followers, Newyear Kitiwhut Sawutdimilin, plays Pound, one of the main characters in I’m Your King. The 24-year-old actor gave a raw, intense performance that I find quite exciting to watch. He is reported to have been ‘rejected’ in 2 Moons The Series, for being ‘not too manly’, but that sounds ridiculous! The photo was taken from Newyear’s Instagram account.

While there is still no description about what Season 2 is all about, I would assume that it will continue what happened in the initial season, and explore further the relationship of the friends – who are now in different levels of intimacy.

However, we have 11  months to go before we can watch Season 2 since it will be broadcasted only on December 2019.