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The initial animosity between a third-year and head hazer Arthit (Krist Perawat Sangpotirat) and his junior Kongpop (Singto Prachaya Ruangroj) has turned into something so romantic and so passionate that many Thai BL couples try so desperately to copy and emulate. Such is the effect of the SOTUS couple that their audience has reached far and wide.

After the two SOTUS series, BL fans can’t seem to get enough of the Arthit-Kongpop romance that even a Thai cosmetics company joins the fray and cast them for a short drama film My Baby Bright. This year, despite being the most popular BL couple, Singto and Krist were handpicked to join another 4 couples for Our Skyy. In Episode 5, Krist and Singto reprise their roles to tackle long-distance relationship.

As they tackle a long-distance relationship. Will their love for one another survive despite the physical distance? Will they go on their separate ways and end their relationship? Or will their hearts yearn for even more for each other?

Arthit, despite his apparent attempt to camouflage his deep feelings for Kongpop has been the couple’s hesitant player (a denier, if you want to call it), and that makes his character more interesting:

The challenging thing is to make the audience believe. Believe that I have feelings for men and I love this guy. The role, Arthit, is also a challenging role for me, as well. He never speaks his mind. He shies away and always does things obscurely. So, it’s quite difficult. [source]

And he did. I have plenty of reservations when I watched the first SOTUS series. I regarded Krist to be too intense for his character’s sake, but he proved me wrong. He convincingly portrayed a young man torn between tradition, the dictates of society and what his heart longs for. You can feel the emotional turmoil inside, the desperate attempt to flee.

The same struggles – this time as they temporarily parted ways – is evident. It’s not an easy episode to watch, but it offers something substantial way compared to the other four episodes. Having gone through 28+ episodes in SOTUS, you can’t expect anything less.

At this point, my focus is on Arthit, but Kongpop hovers within striking distance. He was never out of the picture from the initial scene anyway.

For me, Singto is the better actor, and this is quite evident on how to delivers his lines, how he interacts with the cast (especially with Krist), and the quality of his emotional punches as it reaches their destination – the audience’s unassuming hearts!

Episode 5 of Our Skyy is a stand-alone episode. It complements the first 2 SOTUS series in that it explores both guy’s emotions given a different set of circumstances. Long distances have tested many a couple’s resolves, will Kongpop and Arthit succumb to the physical absence of the other?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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  • Daring to Dream says:

    Interesting take as per your usual.
    I always found Krist bit better actor than Singto. Krist can act with his face and eyes in a way no one else in the BL world can do. Earth in 2Moons2 showed how hard it is to do that effectively. Though War in En of Love: Love Mechanics has now given Krist competition.
    Singto I find unearthly in his charisma, and looks that can range from handsome to pretty to cute. I think at times he is wooden and coasts a bit on that considerable charm.
    But both actors have worked hard, improved with each outing and are a pleasure to watch- even in the cosmetic commercial Baby Bright.
    I hope they can do a non BL rom com- would great if they were in it together:)

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