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Day: October 20, 2015

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Official Trailer How to Win at Checkers (Every Time)

Superstar Thai actor-model Toni Rakkaen headlines this striking debut feature from Korean-American writer-director Josh Kim. As the now grown Oat, he recalls his childhood experience of trying to rescue his gay older brother Ek (Thira Chutikul) from being drafted into military service. As Ek grapples with the gritty realities of life in Bangkok — working at a bar for male hustlers and sex-workers — he has also found love with his more privileged boyfriend Jai (Arthur Navarat).

When the moment of truth arrives with the draft lottery these 21-year-olds must draw either a black or a red slip to possibly be conscripted into the armed forces. Who will be sent off to the service and who will get to stay home?

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The Best of Thai BL: Love Sick Series [Vol 1, Part 2]

While Love Sick [season one] can be described as “up close and personal”, the second season is chaotic and complicated, but in a good way. Suffice to say, viewers have voluntarily made “emotional” investment on the characters and the series itself. I have to argue that yes, Season 1 is simple and engrossing – but Season 2 has something that the original series don’t have – Earn and Pete. I also like to think that Jeed, being the most villainous among the girls, has the potential for dramatic acting and so is Yuri, who gets more charming after each episode. Continue reading “The Best of Thai BL: Love Sick Series [Vol 1, Part 2]”